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I Owe A Lot To Lesley

“When I woke up I couldn’t walk” is where this story starts but it certainly doesn’t end there.

Michelle Cox is an extraordinary coach. In 2015 she travelled to Australia as the head coach with the U23 nets mixed netball team, she regularly coaches  premier league side Leyton, Manor Netball club for regional, as well as coaching for Raiders Netball Club in Kent and Essex County. She also teaches Business Management and Leadership at Birkbeck University in London and arranges school Netball training and tournaments to Spain for events.

Where Tennis Plays a Role in Changing Lives

This month I’m chatting to Christine Dransfield who is a full time tennis coach with Greenhouse Sports. She’s based in a school so her role is more than just tennis coaching. She coaches tennis during lessons, before and after school, as well as providing a mentoring role for many of the students at the school. “I deal with social, thinking and emotional skills alongside physical wellbeing” Christine tells me “that way it becomes more than just making them a better sports person, but giving them the skills they can take through life”.

#UKCoachingSummit 2016 Live Blog

1530 - Some final thoughts

The UK Coaching Summit 2016 has come to an end here in Manchester and again there have once been some key themes running across all of today's sessions.

Working in partnership and collaborating with others will lead to success but this needs to be underpinned by the right workforce. The coaching workforce is going through a phase of transformation and we have to embrace this change. We have to be prepared to innovate, to demonstrate leadership and to embrace technology to encourage more people to become physically active.

I Do It Because I Enjoy It

It’s an early summer lunchtime and I’m sat in Hyde Park talking Nordic Walking with Laura Kinnunen. Originally from Finland, Laura loves being outside and found that when she first moved to London she felt restricted by the lack of open spaces. She was desperate to get outdoors, as this was where she grew up, and she missed it.

London's Coaching Women

sports coach UK Coaching Network Manager, Steven Bentall has been writing a series a blogs featuring some of the women who instruct, lead, coach or manage some of the 8.6 million people in the Capital. Here’s a handy summary of the blogs to date:

Zamira and groupIt Doesn’t Matter What I Look Like – Zamira Kate Mummery 

My Life is Sport

This month I’m chatting with sport enthusiast, coach, instructor and business owner Marnie Wills. Originally from Australia, Marnie moved to the UK in 2005 and established her own sports education business in 2014. Initially a PE teacher, her goal was to start sports specific fitness holiday camps for children. This quickly developed into a niche offering of early years fundamentals skills sessions in nurseries and the development of a bespoke primary sports education programme.

Always Something More

In a contrast from the previous blogs in this series, this month I’m taking a look at coaching in the performance environment as I chat to Lesley Tischler who is currently coaching at Surrey Storm.

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