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Guest Blog: Shining a light on mental health awareness

We all have mental health, just as we all have physical health. Sport and physical activity has been proven to have a positive effect on our mental health. We also know that being coached improves the satisfaction of those taking part in sport and physical activity. Yet, a recent survey from Mind found that 65% of coaches stated they lacked knowledge about mental health.

Move it or lose it - maintaining good mental health

At UK Coaching we are a signatory of the Mental Health Charter for Sport and Recreation. The charter outlines five action points which we must adhere to, including: 'Promote positive public health messages using diverse role models and ambassadors to reduce the stigma attached to mental health problems'.

Coaching Behaviours Framework

Inspirational People Make a Difference

We have all had inspirational people in our lives, whether it was our parents, siblings, or perhaps a teacher from school. Someone who understood you, knew how to motivate and support you, perhaps towards a goal they helped you identify.

To be able to replicate that same effect for everyone, every time would be an interesting opportunity right?!

Understanding Purpose

Physical Activity: More is more

I have heard many clever one liners in my time and I recently heard a speaker explain the Inactive – Active concept/model using the paradox ‘less is more’, surely not! Now I must admit, I missed the opening to the key note so I may have the wrong context, but nevertheless the phrase made me curious and so I tried to try and draw on my own understanding.

Less is more, is in fact a 19th century proverbial phrase. It is first found Robert Browning's poem 'Andrea del Sarto', published in 1855, which reads:

Secrets of a running coach: Lampposts, choices, tell me about it and trash TV

As a coach, I have always watched with great curiosity my community becoming more physically active at this time of year.

I am a running coach in a small rural village of no more than 3,000 people, yet in the months of March to April it would seem that the majority of them are negotiating the narrow, uneven footpaths at the same time. Cycling, walking, jogging, even horse riding; you name it, everyone is at it!

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