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Chris Chapman, Talent and Performance Development Lead Officer, blogs:

In the modern coaching world of apps, websites and spreadsheets there is no shortage of ways of collecting data.  In fact the biggest challenge is not what data and information to collect but not to collect too much that you can't use it!  In the talent environment it is essential that the performers are educated on the 'why' and much as the 'what'.  The use of an infographic and a quality coaching conversation with your performers will help them learn, develop, understand and progress as an educated performer.  As they understand and take on more responsibility for their development they are becoming more self-reliant and independent as performers which enables them to own their own development and journey.  Importantly it creates an opportunity for you to focus on other aspects and ‘add’ to their programme.

The infographic below on 10 Tips for Monitoring in Team Sports highlights exactly this with an emphasis on education, development and encouraging performers to make sense of the why.  As a coach it provides you with the opportunity to develop behaviours, understanding and routines with your talented performers; these are skills that will help them negotiate the talent pathway.

The infographics examining the power of sleep, also highlights the benefits of establishing a sleep routine and behaviours.  If your players are able to take a mid-day nap they can improve their alertness by 100%!  Sleep enhances performer's ability to train and reduces their perception of exertion in training.  As a coach discussing the importance of sleep (as well as rest and recovery) adds to the value the performers place on this within their lifestyle and programming.  Taking the opportunity to have coaching conversations in informal situations at training further helps to embed the performance behaviours to help your performers achieve.

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