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Are you an inspiring youth coach?

Liz Burkinshaw, Participation Lead, looks at what makes an inspiring youth coach as part of European Week of Sport:

Recent youth insight says that young people want experiences that are inspiring ( amongst other things).

Via Connected Coaches I asked ‘What do you think coaches can do to create an inspiring session?’ Two great responses followed:

Claire Morrison, Boccia coach said:

"I always find that getting to know your athletes and finding out what makes them tick really helps. Use this to help you inspire the players. Work out what helps you feel inspired and what helped you at that age. Think about the environment you are working in and how you can make this inspiring as well with images and quotes that help create a buzz. This is one I really like:

Quote on the Future

Wendy Russell, Hockey coach said:

"‘I would say most great coaches don't really know that they "inspire" their athletes, just have a passion for the sport and wanting to help whoever they are coaching to be the best they can be. Showing commitment to their athletes and players and just investing time, whether that's planning great creative sessions or praising effort and commitment."

For other inspiring ideas check out our #UnmissableSport animation and the supporting ideas and suggestions guide to give your sessions an extra spark

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