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Being Coached is fun, isn't it?

By Michael Hopkinson sports coach UK Research Consultant

We recently conducted a survey of participants to understand the impact of coaching and whether there is a difference in the way coached and non-coached participants play sport.

As I looked at the results I couldn’t help relating them back to my own experiences. Specifically, the reasons why I continue to drag myself out to the golf course only to play what you might call “army golf” - left, right, left, right, left, right.....

In truth, as well as having a coach to help me improve, the main reason I play is for fun. On the rare occasions that I put my coach’s knowledge into practice and pull off a good shot, my enjoyment goes through the roof.

So, I was more than a little surprised to see that, of those participants who are not coached, a third of young people (14-18 year olds) and a fifth of adults (19+) said the main reason why they choose to play non-coached sport is because they play for fun.

Does that mean that they think having a coach is not fun? Have they been coached before or is that just their perception of coaching?

Inevitably this one survey result raises more questions than answers, but it is certainly an interesting point to consider when designing coaching sessions and seeking to recruit more participants into sport. Those who are not being coached at the moment may be more likely to take part if they know just how much fun it is.

This year we are conducting research into perceptions of coaches and coaching, so look out for the results. They should help us answer some of these questions.

Also, keep an eye on our research pages for the Participant Survey report which will be published soon.


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