British Wrestling Association: UKCC endorsement challenges and benefits

The British Wrestling Association (BWA) give advice on challenges they faced in securing UKCC endorsement of their level-1 coach-education offering and the benefits endorsement has brought.

As we set out on our journey to UKCC endorsement of our level-1 coach-education offering we identified a number of challenges.

 We noted time and resources would be required to achieve endorsement and we’d need a group of dedicated and hardworking people with the necessary vision to take the programme forward irrespective of the obstacles. We made sure we had these people in place before beginning the process.

 Another consideration is that our target audience are volunteers, with limited time available to them. We, therefore, needed to have a flexible learning programme. We were supported by sports coach UK in developing such a programme, one that would enhance the coaching experience for our new coaches.

One of the biggest challenges of gaining UKCC endorsement was understanding the many intricacies involved in the qualification. These include the QCF, coach educators workforce and the mix of on-course tasks and off course tasks. We took this challenge head on and this approach, along with support from sports coach UK and the consultant we employed, helped clarify these areas.

There was also some internal concern over the potential increase in the cost of courses to the end user. However, this was considered against the increased value and development of the course.

 Gaining level-1 UKCC endorsement has been a challenge but we are confident that we now have in place a coaching programme and athlete pathway which will provide opportunity to all athletes and coaches to reach their full potential. We feel our coach-education programme is well structured and employs a modern approach. We are very proud of it – and this is in large has been due to the support and developmental nature of the UKCC.

The development of our coach education programme has enabled us to create a pathway which is visible, accessible and attainable to all. We wanted to create a programme which gave people choices and would appeal to a wider audience. An example of this is a proposed schools certificate bolt-on that fits the gap between level 1 and level 2, providing a safe and efficient coaching workforce to meet the demands of the schools.

We have held three pilot courses and overall feedback has been positive. It has not all been positive but we expected that given the dramatic but necessary changes to the programme compared to what was delivered before.

Overall our advice would be that, before you start the endorsement process, try to understand the expectations of your Awarding organisation and do not hesitate to seek advice from sports coach UK, Awarding Organisations and consultants.

 We are looking forward to embarking on our UKCC Level 2 development very soon and look forward to working with our key partners again.


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