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Coach Education Tutor: A Great Job

As a coach-education tutor I consider myself to be very lucky.  Every time I deliver I get the opportunity to meet new people who are passionate about coach education and are prepared to give up a day, a weekend or even longer as part of their development.

Therefore, I see that my role as a tutor as far more than just teaching.  I am someone who facilitates learning on a course and, hopefully, fires a desire to keep learning long after.  I do this by trying to translate complicated principles and their applications using examples from everyday life, examples that people can relate to and understand.  My sessions also need to entertain and engage so that people are happy to be there in what is essentially their spare time.

It not always an easy balancing act but knowing what you do will benefit the attendees and those who they coach makes it more than worthwhile.

If I was asked to list three key points I’ve learned in my job they would be:

  • Understand that true learning is a result of far more than just giving people information.
  • learning is an active process that engages people. This means that you should ask questions and not be afraid if people ask questions of you. 
  • People come to courses from different backgrounds and with different experiences.  Listen to them, use their experiences and tailor your delivery to meet their needs

And one final point, if I’ve not made it already...I love my job!

By Jamie French: Senior Lecturer in Physical Education, Sport Pedagogy and Coaching, Leeds Metropolitan University


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