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CORGI Registered coaches – do you meet the standards?

by Nicola Beattie and Esther Jones

ok... we know that CORGI has been replaced by the Gas Safe Register, but we think this makes for a catchy title for our blog!

The point we want to highlight is that in many industries it is common place to see set operating standards, such as Gas Safe, whereby all those handling gas have to meet required standards for health and safety reasons.

If you have stumbled across this blog and actually do want to find a Gas Safe registered business  have a look here!http://www.gassaferegister.co.uk/

In other professions such as teaching you also have to be qualified and meet certain standards. Coaching is no different.

The coaching industry has agreed Minimum Standards for Active Coaches in place which have recently been updated.

So what are the minimum standards?

The standards are essentially the industry agreed bare minimum we expect coaches to meet. They are the bare minimum based on legal requirements. We do also recognise there are a lot of other important development and learning opportunities that will help you get better at what you do!

The standards cover the following areas:

  • minimum age
  • appropriate qualifications
  • appropriate insurance cover
  • safeguarding children and vulnerable groups
  • policies and procedures.

The full document is available to download but includes detail such as to be a lead coach and coach independently you should be 18 years old. Some might say this is common sense... an adult should be in charge of leading a coaching session (and you are not legally classed as an adult until 18) This standard is in place to safeguard both the coach and the participants they are working with.

So why are they important?

  • to ensure you have the right level of qualification, knowledge and skills for your coaching role
  • to safeguard you and the participants you coach
  • to ensure you have the right level of insurance and are covered if something happens
  • to help you improve the coaching opportunities you can access.

As well as having the core standards in place we have been working with governing bodies of sport to develop a tool for coaches of children and young people! This fantastic new tool can help you look at the minimum qualification and suggested additional training available as recommended by your governing body.

For more information and to have a look at the core standards click here

For more on the tool for coaches of Children and Young People click here

We would love to hear your views and comments, so if you have any please add them in the box below.


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