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Drive. Passion. Motivation.

The London’s Coaching Women series has been profiling women involved in different coaching roles across the capital.

Each of the women profiled have had their own unique journey through sport and each of them share similar characteristics. Drive. Passion. Motivation.

In the local park, at the athletics track, in the sports hall or in the office, each of the subjects have spoken about how coaching can have an impact on their own personal development. Each of them have created a culture of self-development and learning that has often been driven by their desire to see their participants improve and succeed in their chosen activity.

In many different environments across London, coaching is developing emotional skills as well as physical ones and the participants can’t help but learn a new range of skills. We have seen examples of how coaching can make a difference to individuals by increasing confidence and thus improving social skills. Many of the coaches spoke about the ‘community’ that has developed as a result of what they have done and how their participants take elements of their sessions and use them in everyday life.

These women are the (sometimes reluctant) role models and inspirational figures that are raising the profile of sport and demonstrating that coaching can impact on so many different aspects of life.

As a modern breed of coaches, they are using technology and social media to reach a wider audience. They are raising awareness of what sport and coaching can offer.

They are just a handful of coaches that are bringing sport and physical activity to thousands of people day in and day out across the UK and they are raising the awareness of women coaching in sport.

If you've been inspired by these stories and want to get involved in coaching but don't know where or how to start, check out Sports Coach UK’s Reach campaign. You'll find hints and tips as well as case studies about women who are succeeding in coaching.


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