Great resources for football coaches

Serendipity is making happy and unexpected discoveries by accident and so it was the case for me this week with the Scottish Football Association. The big news was their announcement of major changes in their youth development through the formation of seven Regional Performance Schools. This will see seven regional performance coaches work out of appointed schools that will house the most talented kids in the region, providing expert, tailored coaching before and after the curriculum (as quoted on the website).

After reading this story I was browsing the SFA website and came across an excellent resource for coaches in the Developing Talent section. For different stages of player development from 6 to 18+ coaches can download drills and videos in a variety of different areas such as: technical; game sense; movement skills; lifestyle management; mental factors; LTAd; and coach education.

Comprehensive and easy-to-use this is an excellent example of providing tools and resources for coaches that I felt was worth highlighting as much as the new youth development programme that I initially meant to write about.


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