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Guest Blog: Getting the most from your athletes…

My experience as a high performance coach has been across sports ranging from Olympic and Paralympic skiing to GP2 single seater motor racing. And both individual and team sports including Rugby League and Football.

The main benefits of goal setting I see are:
1. Clarity for the body and mind on a daily basis
2. Commitment to the journey and the work needed to be successful
3. Focus for your energy and effort

I’ve learnt from many people in my career but one person who stands out is Donald Park of the Scottish Football Association. Donald has an amazing attention to detail whilst coaching, combined with the ability to relate to both players and coaches at a very human level with their needs and wants being at the forefront of his mind.

My 3 key principles would be:
1. Strive for clarity in what you want to achieve
2. Be radically honest in your performance self-appraisal
3. Don’t be afraid to be wrong

Donald MacNaughton, Zoned In Performance, High Performance Coach

Donald recently presented at the Sportscotland Talent Seminar; ‘Inspiring Talent’.  He has authored a number of books, works extensively with athletes, teams and governing bodies to maximise the performance potential within them.  He uses his experiences in the world of sport to support business leaders and clients from the corporate sector.

What to know more about Goal Setting look out for our new Talent in five video explaining in easy steps how you can help your athletes identify and set meaningful goals.



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