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Learning Never Stops

As an athlete I was a total pain.  I was continually asking my coach why I was doing the activities I was doing, not because I did not want to do them, but to understand how and why I would become better at athletics.  This desire to understand more led me to attend my first athletics coach qualification when I was 16. My thirst for knowledge remains undiminished and I am now a level-three performance coach and qualified to coach all events in athletics.  I’m also a lecturer in Physical Education, Sports Pedagogy and Coaching where I help teach the principles that support athletics, and how to impart that knowledge to others. 

My love of education and athletics led me to enter the world of coach education where I have moved from co-tutor to lead tutor, to regional trainer, for UK Athletics.  These roles have helped me develop the next generation of coaches and now, as regional trainer, support the next generation of coach educators to do the same.  I guess from these experiences I have taken the following:

  • You only become better by reflecting on your successes and not being afraid of failure. Don't be afraid to try new things by backing your own understanding.
  • To admit you do not know something or need to learn more, irrespective of your experience, is a sign of strength and not an indication of failure.  The second you think you know everything you need to know, you actually go backward. 
  • Set yourself SMART goals. These will help develop your understanding of material and its delivery.

By Jamie French: Subject Group Leader Physical Education Leeds Metropolitan University


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