Love what you coach - coach what you love

Love what you coach - coach what you love

I love coaching. I fell in love with sports coaching 22 years ago in high school. I love the personal and social aspects of coaching. I see the personal and social principles of coaching in most things that I do. I love the sound of people being out of breath. I love the laughter and giggles. I love the high fives. I love seeing people gain confidence. I love it when people learn a new skill and master it. I love the grin of success when people achieve their goals.


I love it when people I’m with inspire me. I love being inspired – It makes me want to be a better at everything I do. At the moment I get a lot of inspiration from twitter. I love the amusement my twitter name generates @lovely_buns. Through twitter I have fallen in love with infographics. I regularly retweet and save images that I love. I love simple images with simple messages. I love the fun images I see on twitter. I love them so much I have been inspired to start to have some created for sports coach UK.


February is going to be my month to share the love for coaching. I’m going to ‘share the love’ with a few images.  Look out for them and collect them all. Print them; save them; use them as desktop backgrounds; tweet them. I’m going to track how many retweets, impressions and where in the world the tweeting images end up. I’d love it if one could get all the way around the globe. Vote for your favourite by retweeting.


If you love them or have been inspired then I want to know what you love and are passionate about in coaching. Look out for tweets asking about what you love and what inspires you. I will use the ones I love as my inspiration for the next round of fun coaching images @sportscoachUK. If you don’t use twitter then put your suggestions or any  links to your favourite fun coaching image in the comments box below.


Happy Coaching!