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Move it or lose it - maintaining good mental health

At UK Coaching we are a signatory of the Mental Health Charter for Sport and Recreation. The charter outlines five action points which we must adhere to, including: 'Promote positive public health messages using diverse role models and ambassadors to reduce the stigma attached to mental health problems'.

To me, coaches are the role models for sport and physical activity. No matter their background, motivation or experience, all coaches are working to support and enhance an individual’s experience of sport or physical activity.

It is now widely accepted that regular exercise is good for the body, but it is also one of the most effective ways to improve your mental health too. Just like physical health, we all have mental health. Just as our bodies can become unwell, our minds can too.

As a coach, it is just as important to be mindful of your participant’s mental well-being, as it is their physical. As we know: regular exercise can have a profoundly positive impact on mental health problems like depression, anxiety, ADHD, and more.

In partnership with Mind, the UK’s leading mental health charity and with support from Public Health England (PHE), UK Coaching has developed an animation, entitled: 'Promoting Good Mental Health through Coaching', which will help coaches better understand what mental health is; the barriers faced by those living with or recovering from a mental health problem; and the CARE acronym - a useful tool for coaches when promoting good mental health through their coaching.

Watch the animation now and join us in ending the stigma attached to mental well-being.

Craig Blain, Development Lead – Physical Activity, UK Coaching

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