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My Top Five Talent Books

By Chris Chapman, sports coach UK Development Lead Officer (Talent & Performance Coaching)

I have recently joined sports coach UK after 10 exciting years at the RFL working as a National Player Development Manager.  I have had the pleasure to work with and learn from a great number of players and coaches who have helped me develop and grow as a coach.

I have always been interested in creating the optimum environment for players to develop, improve and ultimately excel.  I have selected five books which I think you will find useful as a coach and have certainly helped me reflect and challenge my coaching.

1 Flip It – Michael Heppell

Flip it challenges you to get curious and think about how you look at challenges, goal setting and situations.  Flip thinking helps you maximise your coaching and life!

2 Liquid Thinking – Damian Hughes

Liquid thinking provides creative ideas to change your thinking to have a positive impact on your performance.  Explained in a easy to read format with stories, Hughes using his experiences working in business and performance sport to help you perform better.

3 Sports Coaching Cultures – Robyn Jones, Kathleen Armour & Paul Potrac

Examines high performing coaches to ‘tease’ out why they are effective in their coaching environment.  Combining theories to support the coaches practical experiences it will help you provide insight and challenge how you coach to make you a better you.  This then impacts on your environment and performers to improve performance.

4 Mindset, How you can fulfil your potential – Dr Carol S Dweck

Through Mindset Dweck unlocks the growth mindset and how his can alter your approach to life, learning, and ultimately performance.  Having an approach to challenges, focusing on developing how we think helps develop resilience.

5 They Can You Did – Michael Finnigan

A practical book which uses top tips from coaches, encourages you to reflect and learn from the insights provided.  A great read for coaches and performers alike.

*  Comparative Elite Sports Development; systems, structures and public policy – Barrie Houlihan & Mick Green

An extra to my five books!  Whilst not an easy read it provides a great reference to how systems have been developed, adapted and built.  Whether you ‘dip in’ or read the entire book it will certainly challenge you to look at the infrastructure of your sport from a framework perspective.  The book looks at talent identification, selection, development and structure from a system development perspective.


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