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My Top Five Talent Books

Guest Blogger from Mental Muscle Company and Talent Coach Breakfast Club Deliverer Paul Miller

I have been coaching managers and leaders on how to improve theirs and their team’s performance since 2000. During that time I had been heavily involved in coaching boys and girls how to play Basketball.  I was increasing asked by parents to spend time on a one to one basis with their children because they were struggling to manage their emotions during games. So I set out to discover more about how to support young athletes and the demand has continued to grow in the past eight years as more young people have found benefit from the time they spend with me.

Books that have helped shape my work are many but the 5 listed here have been significantly beneficial:

1. In Pursuit of Excellence - Terry Orlick

Simply a great book for the "how" in detail of all the tools peak performers use in order to improve their mental approach.

2. Body Mind Mastery - Dan Millman

Millman was an Olympic gymnast for the USA and his story was recreated in a film called "the way of the Peaceful warrior". This is not your normal sports Psych book and won't appeal to everyone because most of what Millman talks about comes from ancient martial arts, The overarching point that all physical improvement begins with relaxation is key in ensuring peak performance

3. Choke - Sian Beilock

Why do the best athletes, students and artists mess up when it matters most? the book demonstrates there are two ways the brain can choke. The first happens when worries and anxieties interfere with the brain's horsepower needed for complex-thinking and reasoning tasks. The second happens when we over-focus too much on a performance, disrupting the natural flow of what normally happens outside of our conscious awareness. _Choke_ addressees both types of brain bonks, and shows what we can do about each.

4. The Talent Code - Daniel Coyle

this is Great read and challenges the "talent myth" and gives us all hope that with the right motivation, support and dedication it is possible to grow our ability in anything we set our minds to.

5. How Children Succeed- Paul Tough

Character, confidence and Curiosity are more important to children's' success that academic result. Character not cognition is central to success and we can grow our character. it also describes how adversity is handled in early years depending on nurturing style of parents or carers.



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