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Part 2: e-Learning that packs a punch

ADDIE: Analyse Phase

Ok so in my last post I introduced you to the ADDIE model and how this can help you in your role as Instructional Designer (ID). The first Phase of the Model talks about analysis. This involves all the pre-planning and to cut it short... your overall thinking about the course you want to build. It might sound like an impossible task but here are a few simple questions to help you figure this out.

What is the purpose?

As ID you need to know why you are designing the course. Think about the learning objectives and what your goals are?

Are there any restrictions?

Another point to consider is if there might be any obstacles. These could be physical or within the business or organisation. An honest conversation with the stakeholders around this point is necessary at this beginning stage.

What are the technical requirements?

You need to understand the technical requirements of e-Learning. Will the participants have access to the necessary equipment like headphones and microphones? Do the participants need any particular software or browser plugins to access the course?

How will the course be structured?

Think about the content and decide if you will split the course into modules and how to chunk different pieces together. I often use post-it notes on a white board to arrange and rearrange sections until I am happy with the structure.

Who or what will serve as the main source of information?

You should find out if the content for your course already exists or if it needs to be written. Who will serve as the SME and where/what are the necessary sources of information -- in-house, external or elsewhere?

How will participants be evaluated?

The course could be graded and require a certificate or the participants might be measured by the practical skills they acquire after completing the course. After this exercise you should have a clear idea of the learning problem, goals and course objectives.  You should also have a clear understanding of the learning environment, as well as delivery options and timeline for the projects.


My next post will examine the design phase.

Louise Theodorides, Sports Coach UK, Instructional Designer (e-Learning)

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