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Podcasts: The 'C' System of Coaching Children, Relative Age Effect, Highlights from Youth Physical Development Model

Children's Lead at Sports Coach UK, David Turner, recorded the following three podcasts for Sport Scotland. The suite deals with a range of topics and starts with the The ‘C’ System of Coaching Children.  NB If you're using Internet Explorer, please update the browser to the latest version to hear these podcasts.

About the show:

In this podcast David looks at the ‘C’ System of Coaching Children – a model for the holistic coaching of children. The system forms an important part of Sports Coach UK’s Coaching Children 5-12 workshop, designed for children's coaches. Essentially a set of characteristics all coaches should look to develop in children through their coaching sessions.

About the show:

In this podcast, David discusses the relative age-effect, something both sports coaches and parents should be aware of. Many sports clubs and organisations mirror the educational system and use the academic year to register their players for participation. These specific academic year age groups provides consistency for children in regards to friendship groups, whilst attempting to ensure equal competition and opportunities. However, this structure still leads to some children being almost one year older than others within the same (academic year) age group. This difference in age within an age group is defined as relative age; consequently known as the 'Relative Age Effect'.

About the show:

In this podcast, David picks out his personal highlights from the Youth Physical Development Model - developed by Rhodri Lloyd and Jon Oliver from Cardiff Met University and integrated into Sports Coach UK’s new Fundamentals of Movement workshop. Sport Scotland, in partnership with Sports Coach UK, developed a video animation explaining the Youth Physical Development Model in detail. If you wish to see the video you can do so on YouTube


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