The questions any coach should ask about technology

If you’re interested in technology and coaching then have a look at the new edition of the journal Sensoria.

The focus of this edition is ‘Contemporary Perspectives on Applied Sport Science’ and it has a number of short articles that are a mix of results from research projects and opinions from experts in the field.

Some of the questions the journal set out to answer are worth considering by any coach when they are faced with new technology. These include:

  • What does the technology aim to do?
  • Is it a measurement tool or a training tool?
  • Does it improve equipment?
  • Is it accurate, reliable and user-friendly?
  • Is there complex, time-consuming analysis involved?
  • How will the information be delivered to the athlete or coach?
  • And what are the costs involved?

The articles range from elite sport right down to fitness trackers with suburban walkers so there should be something from everyone among the seven articles.

If you're interested in finding out more about coaching and technology have a look at our research page HERE.


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