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Reach – a year on!

It’s been a really exciting and busy year for the Reach team and, as we turn one next week, we thought it appropriate to reflect on the past year. I just wanted to share a few findings with you:

There are some amazing women coaches out there

We have uploaded around 33 coaching stories to our website from some great women coaches wanting to share their coaching journey with all our readers and partners. We receive emails daily from women wanting to support the campaign and find out how they can get involved.

Our advice to you:
- Advocate the role of coaching to your friends and participants. Remember great coaches don’t necessarily have to be great players. Great coaches know how to influence and motivate people to get involved and get active
- Ask your female players and participants if they fancy getting involved and helping deliver the session (small steps – just start ‘sowing the seed’ that they would be a great coach)

People really want the reach campaign to be a success

So far we have over 750 coaches backing our campaign. They are predominantly women but it is great to see some male coaches also signed up to show their support. We hope the content you are finding on the website is interesting and useful but if you want any more information just send us an email ([email protected]) and we will sort it out for you.

To date we have just over 200 partners registered which is really exciting news as they are keen to learn more about how they can recruit and support more women in coaching. We are making sure they have access to all the up to date news and research to help make their coaching systems as inclusive as they can. It’s a long journey but it will make coaching more accessible for more people in the long run.

Making coaching more inclusive for women makes it more inclusive for everyone

Behind the scenes we are working hard with our partners to address gender equality in coaching. By doing things such as thinking about the photos we use to market sport and coaching in this country, looking at recruitment and development processes and creating networking opportunities for our coaches will have an impact on coaching overall – for everyone!

A thought for you – if every coach actively welcomed and supported a new coach into their sport or activity, we would soon have a more diverse workforce that is more reflective of our ever-changing society and would provide wider choice for more people to get and stay active.

The Reach team are keen to share all the great work going on out there so keep it coming in. The campaign is only as strong as the people involved so - keep sharing!
Let’s make this forthcoming year even better!

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Sarah Milner, sports coach UK, Inclusion and Diveristy Lead


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