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Last week I can across some excellent resources for football coaches from the Scottish Football Association that got me wondering what else is out there? It didn’t take long to find another interesting site at IRB Coaching.

Using this site rugby coaches can access a library of over 300 drills as well as tools to plan their own sessions or devise their own drills.

Of particular interest was the collaborative elements of the website. Coaches can post  questions to be answered by expects, share their coaching plans with others and look at other coaches’ plans.

This sharing of expertise is something we are very interested in at sports coach UK. We know there is excellent coaching going around the country but how do we share it better for the good of all coaches?

Any ideas you might have on that subject we would love to hear them. Similarly if you have experience of using websites such as IRB coaching, what works for you?

If you can think of any other coaching websites that have useful resources why not suggest them below. Perhaps we can get a list going!


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