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Right, it's time to start making some changes around here

Just over 20 years ago a group of incredibly groundbreaking women set about creating the Brighton Declaration. This set of principles includes the call to “increase the involvement of women in sport at all levels and in all functions and roles.” Currently women make up just 30% of the current coaching workforce and only 17% of all qualified coaches – harsh statistics considering women make up over half of the UK population. You’d have thought more women would be coaching, especially given that many personality traits often associated with women (for example nurturing, empathetic, creative) are also traits that would be perfect for coaches.

There are some inspirational women out there who organise regular social activities for their friends, families and other members of the local community. They motivate people to do things – can you imagine how great they would be as coaches? How, with knowledge and encouragement, they could get a whole community moving. Literally!

sports coach UK has committed to running the Reach campaign over the next 10 years to 2025 as we know that cultural change needs time. The changes that need to be made are small in part but as a whole will make great steps towards gender equality in coaching. It is also vital that we bring our existing coaching workforce along with us – we need them to support all the new people getting involved in coaching and helping to get even more people from our local communities more active.

Check out the Reach website and see what it’s all about. You can also keep up to date with the campaign via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Whether you are a woman wanting to get into coaching or get better at coaching, or you are someone who can help fix our coaching systems we can provide you with the information you need. Wouldn’t it be great if, in 30 years time we can look back at when the Brighton Declaration was written and know that we helped it become reality? Reach for the stars – even if we miss we will hit the moon!

Sarah Milner is Development Lead Officer: Inclusion and Diversity for sports coach UK.


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