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Roasted Turkey Slippers

By Colin Bennett Coaching Network Manager sports coach UK

I have a list – correction I love a list:

  • Jumper with Reindeer featuring flashing nose (nose no longer flashing as battery is non replaceable)
  • Novelty Homer Simpson tie, which when you press the bottom goes “D’oh” (very business-like)
  • A mug with a jar of yeast extract – you either love it or hate it (I’ve always hated it)
  • A men’s after shave boxed set (I have a beard)
  • Slippers in the shape of roasted turkeys (what the!!!! No seriously what the!!!)

This is in no means the end of my list but they are some of the highlights.

I have another list – told you I love a list:

  • Glass block with a footballer engraved on one side
  • Glass football with a plaque saying “Best Coach”
  • Countless bottles of wine – I don’t drink wine
  • Boxed sets of European beers – do I look like I have a drink problem?

Now these are all really, really nice presents and people have spent money on them and in some cases they actually thought about what they are buying me, BUT there’s not one thing on either list that I thought “Yes I need that in my life”

The first list is “novelty” Christmas gifts, bought when the person is running out of time and ideas.

The second list is gifts I have received from the parents at the various football teams I have coached.

And please do note I really appreciate being recognised by the parents for my efforts throughout the year, after all we coaches do spend all our spare time coaching and planning and worrying and coaching and planning and worrying.

I can hear you all now saying well if they didn’t get anything at all then you wouldn’t be happy either! Correct, correct I know I’m an ungrateful soul who deserves everything he gets and you hope I have nightmares involving roasted turkeys clinging to my ankles whilst Homer Simpson, smothered in yeast extract, chases me shouting “D’oh”!

But here’s the thing – oh good he’s got to the thing! – there are plenty of coach related products out there that a coach probably never gets the chance to buy for his or herself.

Personal development in the form of CPD is a big thing at the moment to try and build an appropriately qualified and skilled workforce and cost is one of the barriers. All training will cost a certain amount. Just like you have to buy music and films and books and roasted turkey slippers(!) everything costs money to make.

So how do we contribute to Thanks Coach #thankscoach without turning other coaches into the jabbering wreck I have obviously become?

This Coachmas make it your goal to not waste your money on gifts that only appear in November and disappear on the 26thDecember.

sports coach UK have an Aladdin’s cave of resources and workshops with things like FREE membership as an easy start. Great for the kids to get mum or dad.

If you know a coach – someone in your family or they may even be your coach – Get them something they will really like and will really use this Coachmas.

Merry Coachmas everyone


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