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Rugby League's UKCC Review

Rugby League has always seen itself as a sport willing to innovate and make changes to improve the game. Moving to a summer season, the Magic Weekend and the use of video technology are just some of the ground-breaking steps it has taken. In keeping with this philosophy, it was no surprise that Rugby League was amongst the very first of the sports to engage with the UKCC and become fully-endorsed.

Recently, the RFL took another brave move and undertook a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation of its UKCC qualifications. It felt that, after five years of UKCC qualification delivery, it was appropriate to undertake a widespread review by surveying the coaching and coach educator workforce. When it took the decision to review its coaching qualifications, it braced themselves for a warts and all response. It surveyed over 600 coaches and coach educators who held a Rugby League coaching qualification to find out what was good and, even more importantly, what could be better. 

Through this rigorous M&E, Rugby League demonstrated its commitment to continual improvement, an essential requirement for maintaining UKCC endorsement. The case study highlights this good practice, revealing the findings from the RFL Coaches Survey, as well as top tips and recommendations for other governing bodies on conducting their own review of their coaching qualifications. The Rugby League UKCC Good Practice Case Study provides further information on how the Rugby League UKCC coaching qualifications are making a positive difference to Rugby League coaches.


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