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sports coach UK Coaching Children All Day Breakfast

sports coach UK Coaching Children All Day Breakfast

By David Turner sports coach UK Coaching Children Lead

Twitter - @David_T_scUK

On Monday 21st October, sports coach UK hosted our first ever Coaching Children All Day Breakfast Event – Live streamed over the internet from Old Trafford Cricket Ground with support from our host CSP for the event, GreaterSport.

The event was largely focused on the important role coaches can play in supporting schools and teachers to deliver PE and school sport, a particularly important topic at the moment given the PE and school sport Premium funding has just entered schools.

The entire event was recorded and is now available (you will need to register first, which is completely free) through the event website here.

The recordings from the event will be available from that site until late January 2014 and will also be shortly put on the sports coach UK You Tube Channel.

Speakers featured at the event included:

  • Ali Oliver, Managing Director of the Youth Sport Trust – Mini Keynote Speech
  • Jo Colin, Head of Physical Literacy at the Youth Sport Trust – The difference between teaching and coaching
  • Martin Preston, Programme Manager for the FA Tesco Skills Programme – Discussing how the FA provides Primary schools with coaches that up-skill teachers
  • David Haskins, ‘Author of Coaching the Whole Child’ - Discussing how coaches can develop connection
  • Professor Paul Gately, Leeds Met University – Challenging coaches to look again at how they can help to tackle childhood obesity
  • Andy Heald & Graham Morgan, How Compass is working to develop coaches in the private sector
  • Alison Tootill, Head of PE at New Bridge School – Explaining hidden disabilities in children
  • Sue Wilkinson, Strategic Lead at the Association for PE, Summarising the event

Full biographies of the speakers and organisations involved are available at the event website.

The event also supported the launch of the sports coach UK School Sport Coaching Guidance for Head Teachers Web Portal, developed with support from Sport England, afPE, CSPn and the YST. 

The portal supports primary school head teachers who have identified a role for coaches in their school via the PE and school sport premium funding to recruit and develop coaches in a way that is most beneficial and sustainable for the school, the teaching staff and the pupils.


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