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Technology for the Grassroots Coach

When you think about technology in coaching your mind often goes to the elite end of the game and teams of coaches facing a bank of laptop screens. However, given the advances in technology surely there are now things out there for grassroots coaches? That is exactly what we set out to discover earlier in the year and the results were encouraging.

Three areas we looked at were administration, analysis, and learning and you can read through our reviews by clicking the report below. 

 (please note this may not display correctly on all smartphones- If you wish to view this please visit www.sportscoachuk.org/resource/technology-use-your-coaching)

Each review looks at the positive and negative aspects of the technology, the costs and where you can access it. Below is a summary of what we found about the technology.


  • Previous research we carried out showed that volunteer coaches spend a quarter of their coaching week dealing with administration. Given that time is precious anything that could reduce this burden would be useful for coaches. We found a number of websites that coaches can use to reduce administration especially around communicating with players more easily, tracking progress and creating session plans.


  • New technology provides opportunities to observe your players and provide feedback on specific aspects of their performance. This includes slow motion playback, overlaying videos and sharing online. What was amazing to us was just how professional your analysis can look without large investment in technology.


  • The technology here is mainly for reference but it’s useful to have it immediately to hand such as on a Smart Phone with Apps on rules, sports injuries and drug awareness.

What do you use?

If you know of other tools and resources that you use we would love you to share them with us so we can pass on to other coaches. Why not add a comment below.


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