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There's an App for That

There's an App for That

In the first of a new series of technology reviews from coaches, Tori Brady, a Level 2 UKCC qualified netball coach tells us about how she uses the Court Side Scoring App in her coaching.

After qualifying as a UKCC Level 2 coach I was fortunate enough to be able to coach a wide range of abilities at my club. With the higher performance teams I was already capturing statistics for goal shooters, such as shot conversion percentages. However, I discovered that with Courtside Scoring I could effectively monitor all types of stats – including centre pass turnovers, interceptions (iPad only), gains, rebounds and held balls.

When I use the App I set up the game stats with the team so they know what I am tracking during the session. I also ask players on the sideline to capture information. This makes them aware of the play on court and focuses their mind towards what types of mistakes are made.

The App allows me to highlight player development opportunities as I can set up each team by name and track individual player performance. Initially the players are a bit bemused by it all, however with a bit of side by side coaching and awareness it becomes really easy to use. Shooters in particular benefit from getting their shooting percentage stats quickly, while defenders also benefit from understand the amount of gains in a game.

I think improved player awareness is one of the main benefits I’ve realised from using the App. Players understand the different types of analysis and why we do it. This is particularly helpful for them to understand specific plays that are causing errors or the plays that are most impactful on the game.

I also think the App has had a positive impact on my relationship with my players, as most of them love the technology and they even want to run the App themselves when their friends are playing.

I would definitely recommend the App to other netball coaches and also coaches in other sports, as although it is set up for netball positions it can be adapted to capture basic stats.

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