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Throwing Like a Girl

Do you know anyone who ‘Throws like a Girl’ ?


If so then consider this taken from Introduction to Fundamentals of Movement (sports coach UK 2010)


  1. If the simple skill of throwing is broken down into the components of the FUNdamentals, it is clear balance, coordination and agility are essential.
  2. Thus, if the FUNdamentals of Movement skills are not taught, then a person will not be able to learn the simple skill of catching a ball.
  3. The logical follow-up is that a person who cannot catch cannot play.
  4. For most people, this will mean they will not play, and sport and physical activity cannot be part of their lifestyle.


This simple analogy means that for young people and adults to take part in sport and physical activity, they need to have learnt  the FUNdamentals of Movement at an early age.  If they miss this developmental stage as children  then they need to have time and support as adults to catch up and develop these skills. As a coach you can help adults returning to sport or trying a new one learn or relearn their fundamental movement skills. For ideas how to use fundamentals see last month’s excellent blog from Andy Grant - 10 benefits of multi-skills coaching all coaches should know


So let’s include more fundamentals into our coaching sessions both for children, young people and adults and eliminate this horrible gender insult from the coaching world.

How to throw from Rounders England and for a little fun if the weather turns snowy in March (not unheard of) There's Snow Business Like Throw Business Gotta love a pun!



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