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Top Five Coaching Talent Books

By Andy Bradshaw sports coach UK Coaching Advisor (Talent & Performance Coaching)

I have worked for sports coach UK for over ten years now in a variety of roles and also coach within the England U18 Girls Hockey programme.  I have selected five books that have provided me with a useful insight into some interesting coaching perspectives.

Sacred Hoops – Phil Jackson

Has a special place in my heart as I gave this as a secret Santa gift many years ago to the late Pat Duffy.  A great insight into the world of basketball, the Chicago Bulls, Michael Jordan and Coach Jackson and his methods around creating great teams.



Project Rainbow – Rod Ellingworth

An interesting journey through cycling’s progress towards the World Championship title in 2011.  It explores the plan, the execution, all of the many process but in a way which is very applicable to any sport/coaching environment. It’s also a great story of what was a remarkable achievement.



Developing Sport Expertise – Various

More academic in nature than the others here, but written in a very accessible style. Themes include expert systems, expert coaches, contemporary coaching approaches and elite athlete processes.  This 2013 edition is right up to date and has plenty of relevant case studies.


Legacy – James Kerr

A fascinating insight into the mechanics of the All Blacks detailing some of the underpinning principles of their success.  Lots of relevant examples to utilise, learn from and explore within your own coaching environments.



Creativity, Inc - Ed Catmull

This final book comes from the world of Pixar describing how their methods in encouraging and embracing creativity have formed the basis of their success.  Lots to apply into a sporting and coaching context and another fascinating read.





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