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The UK Coaching Summit and Hidden Messages

The UK Coaching Summit and Hidden Messages

By Kurt Ewald Lindley – Development Lead Officer Coach Developer

So the 2013 UK Coaching Summit has come and gone, another year behind us in our journey and great opportunity is presented to leap forward in our development....so what do you remember.....

Throughout the two days there were fantastic opportunities to interact and engage with our peers, socially over a cuppa tea or a beer and professionally over some triangle sandwiches and posh nosh. St Georges Park did not let us down on that front.

My memory of the event however was somewhat more subtle and hidden in the four banners standing beside the lectern in the main room. These banners carried the four Objectives of the newly launched UK Coaching Framework with the words:

  • Better Supported
  • Diverse
  • More Appropriately Qualified and Skilled
  • Self Improvement

Whilst listening to the main keynote Dr Katherine Grainger’s inspiring words I took a second look at these banners and the following words jumped out at me ‘BETTER, DIVERSE, SKILLED SELF. And I suddenly got it and thought ‘that is what we are trying to achieve’. It’s about answering the question:  What can I do about being a ’Better diverse skilled self’and what can I do to help others achieve the same. So in the true philosophy of setting a culture of self improvement I offer the following tips:

  1. Self Improvement Wednesday – Pick a day, any day and commit to learning more about something. It may only be a 5 or a 10 minute commitment, but it is a commitment to ongoing/regular learning.  It just so happens I like Wednesday and I am sure there is some science behind mid week learning (commit to new learning)
  2. The YouTube Lunch Break – for those of you who don’t leave the desk to eat lunch during the day and are fixed on work, take 3-5 minutes of down time at lunch to watch something/anything that interest you on YouTube. The only caveat is that you must see the learning in it (reflect, internalise and apply)
  3. Twitter question time – just simply pose a question regarding something that you perhaps have been struggling with or wish to develop – and just watch the answers come in. Failing that search Twitter for words linked to your particular topic of interest. I guarantee someone will have already answered thus shortening the time it takes to find something out (use your network)
  4. Just Google it – Google is only bad if misused and only good if used with caution. Inevitably it will often be your first source of information so double and triple check it with other sources. But better still talk to someone about it. Again someone will have answered this problem (see what’s out there)

So that’s my hidden message blog and my top tips to be a ’Better diverse skilled self’, so what are you going to do?


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