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Nicola White, Development Lead Officer, blogs:

Young people want unmissable experiences when they take part in sport. For more young people to take part in sport regularly, they need coaches to understand and engage them. Check out this short animation that includes some suggestions and ideas based on the Youth Insights from Sport England to inspire you to make your sessions unmissable for young people.

Young people are seeking experiences that

  • are tailored to them and that they are able to make their own. Their sporting experiences need to fit into their lives
  • are unique, different, something they can be  proud of or that helps them stand out
  • are creative and allow them to make decisions, go further and create their version of the sport
  • allow them to maintain their social lives and connect with like-minded people
  • involve technology and/or gaming are most likely to appeal to young people
  • give them something back, including financially. Making a choice to take part is not always at the front of their mind. By making the sessions rewarding, you can encourage young people to choose your session and keep them coming back.

Watch the full two minute #UnmissableSport animation and the supporting ideas and suggestions guide to give your youth sessions an extra spark to help young people have the experience they are after from sport. Tell us how you have made your session unmissable by using #UnmissableSport on Twitter.


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