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Wanted: Male Coaches

By sports coach UK Diversity & Inclusion Lead Sarah Milner @scohen_leeds

Probably something you may not read very often?!

Am I even allowed to write that?!

 Did you know that the coaching workforce in the UK is made up of 69% men and 31% women? When you look at the percentage of qualified coaches, men make up a whopping 83% of that population. Its a bit shocking. Frankly, it’s just not equal. 

So, what shall we do about it? Well, a great starting point lies with you – the coaches. Chances are, if you are reading this, you are a man. (If you’re not I would probably stop reading now – this doesn’t involve you!). Emma Watson (she of Harry Potter and Burberry modelling fame) recently spoke to the UN to launch a campaign entitled he for she.’ The concept is that men should get behind gender equality and support women to step into the limelight. It’s not about feminist bra-burning. It’s about gender equality. Women being equal to men. I assume, and hope, you buy into this?


In a nutshell: We need to support more women to coach

Why? Surely if women want to coach, they will – right?
Well, yes, some will but sport and coaching is such a men-packed world that not all women feel welcome to join in. The number of women in coaching is on the increase, but at no great speed. We need this number to increase more quickly.

 Why? Surely it’s about having the best coach for the job?
Well, of course it is. But surely if you widen the pool of coaches, you stand a better chance of getting the right coach for the job.

So, here’s the business case:

1) More women coaching means more coaches. Basically, more people around to share the work of an overstretched coach.

2) People from different backgrounds in coaching means you will learn more from them. Different people have different approaches to things and different ideas. Some men think differently to some women. Let’s learn from each other.

Right, I’m sold. What next?
- Speak to the Mums at your coaching session. They might want to help out but don’t know what is involved.
- Speak to your female players. Have they ever thought about coaching?
- Tell people what coaching is all about. Find jobs for people to do that can help your job.
- Don’t assume women just want to wash the kit and make teas. We are not in the 1950s. Recognise that. Finally and very importantly. If you have read this and want to make just a little difference - get tweeting or emailing. Send us a picture of you holding a piece of paper saying #heforshecoaching to @sportscoachuk. Or email your picture to [email protected], with your name and sum up in one sentence - why you think we need to support more women into coaching? Let’s start thinking differently. There are so many people out there that want to get involved. You just haven’t asked her!Visit the HeforShe web page to learn more about this ground breaking UN campaign 


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