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What’s in a Talent Seminar?

Paul Connolly, Coaching Advisor for sports coach UK, blogs on our Talent Seminars and the feedback recieved so far:

The concept of bringing coaches together from a variety of sports to network and share to develop a community of practice is well known. That’s why after a successful run of Talent Breakfast events in the past, we decided to create our Talent Seminars.

The Talent Seminars aim to provide practical coach development for coaches working within the talent pathways of the National Governing Bodies in England. They aim to encourage the development of a Community of Practice (CoP) for coaches, whereby a specific topic is delivered, followed by a discussion between coaches led by a trained facilitator.

The topics discussed cover a significant area within Talent and are aimed at providing coaches a range of subject areas that they have not traditionally been covered in development sessions.

Following the delivery of the last Talent Seminar I asked a few coaches what they took away from the event. I was so taken by one of the responses, from Richard Deardon, a cricket coach in Lancaster, I asked if I could share this and thankfully he agreed:

“To my surprise, this was probably one of the best sessions I have attended.

“The course opened my mind to some simple steps we can all take, with very little effort which can have a positive impact on ourselves, the people we work with, and our personal relationships.

“On reflection I’ve been keen to look at the environment that I create in my coaching and cannot stop thinking about the seminar. I’m keen to share with other coaches the principles that were presented and how I can make little changes and have a positive impact.

“I would recommend these seminars for coaches as it’s a great way to engage with current topics in talent coaching. There was also the opportunity to network with other coaches at the intervals and lunch. This was a really positive experience, being able to share coaching techniques with similar coaches.

“Thank you sports coach UK for giving me the opportunity to attend this seminar and open my eyes up to a different way of viewing things.”

The event Richard attended included Psychological Characteristics in Developing Talent delivered by Bryan Jones a senior lecturer at UCLAN University. There were two additional seminars delivered by our Talent staff on Talent Development Environment and Talent Development.

The next Talent Seminar is in Loughborough on Saturday 26 September and will be an interesting event with seminar sessions on Coach Athlete Relationship and Talent Development as well as guest speaker Paul McGee who has worked with Sir Clive Woodward and is currently working with the Manchester City academy squads.

Future events will be held in Gloucester, University of Hertfordshire and Surrey Park.

You can find out more including how to book on via the Talent Seminar pages.


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