What is The UKCC?

Written by Steve McQuaid, Head of Coach Education & Development

The UKCC is a development framework that supports the:

  • development of governing body of sport coach-education programmes
  • endorsement of governing body of sport coach-education programmes
  • continuous improvement of governing body sport coach-education programmes

Developing Coach-Education Programmes


  • The UKCC provides a structure to evolve a governing body of sport’s coach-education programme.  It covers:
    • The qualification structure and the quality-assurance of deliverers
    • The coaches’ learning experience (learning programme)
    • The make-up of the coach-education workforce (tutors, assessors etc)
    • Learning resources used (books, websites, DVDs etc)

Endorsement of Coach-Education Programmes


  • To gain UKCC endorsement a governing body of sport must demonstrate a certain level of development in their coach-education programme based on the areas listed above. This is determined against a set of endorsement criteria. The endorsement process is an objective and developmentally focused process, and offered at no cost to the sports being endorsed.

 Continuous Improvement of Coach-Education Programmes


  • Once a governing body coach-education programme has received UKCC endorsement the focus of the UKCC is the continuous improvement of the governing bodies coach-education offer. This development considers the needs of the sport and its coaches.

The UKCC is not one-size-fits-all and is implemented according to the specific characteristics and needs of each sport. A UKCC-endorsed coach-education programme is first and foremost a governing-body programme that is developed by the governing body, with the support and development of their coaches in mind.


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