Where to Start?

As a parent of two young boys (aged five and 8 years old) I now starting to drive them around the various sports clubs and activity groups that they enjoy taking part in through the week and also the weekend. It really is none stop!

I am beginning to learn what activities they enjoy and am starting to see what sports they really want to cling onto. I must remember, however they are still really young and the important factor at the moment is that they enjoy what they are doing, they have great coaches who know how to coach children adn keep them engaged, and also they are learnign the key skills needed to progress in and enjoy sport through their later life.

What I am starting to recognise in myself is that I want to start getting involved and helping out at the sessions but where do I start? What would be expected of me and would I need to do any qualifications or extra learning before I am allowed near the kids? All these things, and more, stop parents helping out at their children's sports sessions which is a real shame. As the videos above show, children get a great deal from their parents supporting them during their sports sessions. It can be a great time to truely share a joint interest. If you used to do gymnastics as a child, talk to them about their lessons and share your thoughts and feelings about when you used to go to classes - trust me, your kids will love it. Especially the bits that involved you falling over or missing a penalty!!

What's next? Speak to the club. Speak to your child's coach. Believe me, they would be more than happy for an extra pair of hands. Coaches get all too fed up with being 'babysitters' - parents drop their kids off at the gate at 10:00 and come back at the end of the session. We all have busy lives but if you can spare an hour a week and want to share your child's sporting experience give coaching a go. You won't need to take any qualifications at first if you don't want to. You may need to have a DBS (formerly CRB) check but this is entirely at the club's discretion and you will still be able to support the coach while the administration is being completed. All coaches will ever need from you is yoru committment and your enthusiasm. Go for it!


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