Who completed our survey?

Last week we closed our annual research of coaches (called the Coaching Panel). This year we had a best ever response rate with over 3,700 coach completing the survey – thank you to all those who completed.

So who completed the survey? Here are some findings about the coaches

Traditionally coaching surveys have tended to include a higher number of coaches with qualifications above Level 2 than would be expected. However this time round we have a much better spread of coaches with different levels of qualifications. This year our sample seems close to what you would expect.

We had 72% men and 28% women. With survey research there is always a margin of error (since we don’t survey every coach in the country) but in this case the numbers are within a range that makes us confident this is typical of the coaching workforce in terms of gender.

With age we still struggle to get younger coaches to complete the survey. About 12% are under 25 which is probably half what it should be. However thanks to the large size of our sample we have replies from around 500 younger coaches so this will allow us to a much better understanding of this group.

Finally the top sport by number of coaches was rugby union. We’ve listed the top five below.

  1. Rugby Union
  2. Football
  3. Netball
  4. Swiming
  5. Table Tennis

Over the coming weeks we will be analysing the data so what out not just for a overall report but also lots of other information and analysis. Given the size of the sample we hope this will include things we’ve haven’t know before.