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Six top reads

I joined sports coach UK after 10 exciting years at the RFL working as a National Player Development Manager.  I have had the pleasure to work with, and learn from, a great number of players and coaches who have helped me develop and grow as a coach.

I have always been interested in creating the optimum environment for players to develop, improve and ultimately excel.  I have selected six books which I think you will find useful as a coach and have certainly helped me reflect and challenge my coaching.

Paul Miller: My top five

By Paul Miller:

Mental Muscle Company

Talent Coach Breakfast Club Deliverer

I have been coaching managers and leaders on how to improve their own and their team’s performance since 2000. During that time I had been heavily involved in coaching boys and girls how to play basketball.  I was increasingly asked by parents to spend time on a one-to-one basis with their children around managing their emotions during games. So I set out to discover more about how to support young athletes.

Just for the love of it

Rachel Hooper: Rowing Coach

I was recently asked how much I get paid to coach. When I responded that the hours I give are voluntary I was met with a shocked reaction and the question ‘so you just do it because you love it?’.

That’s exactly why I do it. Not specifically because I love coaching, but because I love sport and the impact it can have on people’s lives.

My Development as a Coach

By Dave Turner: sports coach UK Development Lead for Children and Schools

For my latest blog I thought it would be nice to write about how I personally became a coach and the huge positives this has brought me over the past few years.  Now this might sound like a sales pitch at first! But please bear with me as I hope to use this blog to also dispel a few of those myths about coaching that seem ever present.

Excellent Coaching – the Pathway to Gold

By John Driscoll: Executive Director, sports coach UK

I’m at the edge of a crowd watching a film of Watkins and Grainger winning gold at London 2012. The room is quiet – we all know the outcome - but the film brings back all the tension of the moment. As I wipe away a tear, I sense the tall woman standing next to me tremble with emotion. She’s seen the same clip many times, but it still has that effect.

Why I Love Coaching


Sian Foley

As part of Liz Burkinshaw’s ‘I Love Coaching’ month, I thought I’d take this as an opportunity to write my first ever blog....so here goes!

Sport and in particular coaching have always been a major part of my life. It started by being brought up by my Mum to be a Leeds United fan (some would question their ability to play a sport...) I was also involved in athletics and hockey to a decent level and later in life discovered netball – the sport that saw me get into, and love, coaching.

Have you got a thirst for learning?

By Rachel Hooper: Coach Education Advisor at sports coach UK

I recently read a tweet from a university fresher that read: ‘Mature Students. Why do you ask so many questions? #geeks’.

Having been a mature student myself, I knew exactly what the tweet was referring to. I was the one at the front wanting to ask more questions and getting frustrated when others were talking at the back. I was interested in the subject and I wanted to learn more about it. 

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