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Top tips for parents in sport

Parents in Sport Week is upon us again and always a fantastic time to reflect on the dedication of parents across the country in supporting their children to take part in sport and physical activity; a big thank you to them is perhaps the first place to start.  As an athlete who was once ferried to training and competitions and now as a coach, I fully understand that without parents’ willingness to taxi their children around I’d often have no-one to coach.

Podcasts: The 'C' System of Coaching Children, Relative Age Effect, Highlights from Youth Physical Development Model

Children's Lead at Sports Coach UK, David Turner, recorded the following three podcasts for Sport Scotland. The suite deals with a range of topics and starts with the The ‘C’ System of Coaching Children.  NB If you're using Internet Explorer, please update the browser to the latest version to hear these podcasts.

About the show:

The case for face-to-face: There should be no shortcuts to safeguarding training

The safety and wellbeing of children who engage in sport and physical activity should be every coach’s number one priority.

Sports Coach UK recognises that safeguarding training is an essential precursor for any coach.

We have 21 years’ experience of equipping coaches with the knowledge to identify potential tell-tale signs of abuse and instilling in them the confidence to respond to any issues that should arise sensitively, appropriately and effectively.

Homophobia in Coaching Children and Young People

David Turner, sports coach UK Coaching Children Lead


One of the greatest changes in society since I left high school in 2000 seems to be how attitudes to sexuality has changed, perhaps not so much in the older generations.  But when I work with children and young people, it is very clear that sexuality is not usually the taboo it was just 14 years ago.  Of course there are still improvements to be made and bullying is still a problem for many young people in the UK. 

How do kids learn faster than adults?

I think we’ve all heard the theory that children are able to learn certain skills faster than adults, but is that really the case?  And if so why?  I’ve been trying to discover whether all this is fact or fiction and looking at how understanding a child’s ability to learn can benefit us as coaches.

Coaching Children? Make it Memorable...Think Like a Kid!

Coaching Children?  Make it Memorable...Think Like a Kid!

A blog article for sports coach UK by Pete Sturgess of the FA

Cast your mind back to when you were at school (tricky when you are as old as me!) and I can guarantee that you could name the teachers that inspired you, held your attention and made the subject come alive. Why is it that you can remember these individuals so many years later, what was it about them that has left this lasting memory?

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