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Knowing Stuff Used To Be Important

By Steve Bentall, Coaching Network Manager

Now we can just find stuff out. This was the message that opened my first session at this years UK Coaching Summit in Cardiff. The theme of this year’s Summit was ‘The Future of Coaching’ and I chose to attend a number of sessions that would embrace this theme across the two days.

The Future of Coaching

By Mike Dale, Managing Editor (Magazines)

Society is changing. We’re living longer, busier and more demanding lives, but we’re also tech-savvy, health- and image-conscious. The challenge for coaching is how to adapt to these trends.

This subject made for a fascinating debate on the first morning of the 10th UK Coaching Summit, co-hosted by sports coach UK and Sport Wales at the Vale Resort in Cardiff.

Benefits of exercise

By Dr William Bird, GP specialising in physical activity. Chair of physical activity alliance and advisor to Public Health England

There are some widely known positive effects of exercise;

Improvements in;

Learning in Three Dimensions

By Will Roberts, Youth Sport Trust

My own coaching journey began as a teenager. Both my parents were teachers with their own coaching experience and so I guess it felt inevitable. Nonetheless, I found I really enjoyed coaching and as a bonus felt that it helped me become a better player. I became pretty obsessed with this side of sport, working on how I could make a difference to the range of lads I was working with, and why.

COACHING DANCE, Part 1 – Taking the First Steps

By Nigel Hetherington, Freelance Sports Education Trainer

In Part I of this article I explore the rationale behind the ‘Coaching Dance’ and how and why, as coaches, we might benefit from proactively adopting this approach.  In Part II I expand the article to cover real case studies from coaches and teachers fully engaged in the process with a focus on problem solving, innovation and creativity.

Image: Courtesy of Dance Division, Edinburgh

As the season draws to a close

By sports coach UK Coaching Network Manager Colin Bennett

It's the end of another season. You take stock of all that has happened, all the players/athletes you coached, motivated, encouraged to improve and develop. All the session plans you wrote, pondered over, evaluated, run….wished you hadn't run, all the games - win, lose or draw…all the hours of sweat and endeavour and it's all over, at an end, finished, fin, finitura, finito, färdiga.

Or is it?

Going Digital

By Steve Bentall, sports coach UK Coaching Network Manager

In my previous blog ‘Going Native’ I started to look at the concept of providing learning to a generation of digital natives. I asked as providers of training how sports coach UK could adapt our training provision to meet the needs of future learners. Technology is playing a greater role in coaching. Access to smart phones and tablets is at an all-time high and around 93% of coaches find them a useful aid in their coaching.

What Really Caused Andy Murray’s Meltdown?

By Guest Blogger Denise Holland (For over 24 years, Denise Holland has participated in high performance sport both as an athlete and more recently as Scotland’s National Coach for Netball. She has competed internationally and led National squads to world-class events in the sport of netball.)

As I listened to Andy Murray and read his comments and apologies following his defeat to Novak Djokovic at the final of the Australian Open, my heart went out to him!

Top Five Coaching Talent Books

By Andy Bradshaw sports coach UK Coaching Advisor (Talent & Performance Coaching)

I have worked for sports coach UK for over ten years now in a variety of roles and also coach within the England U18 Girls Hockey programme.  I have selected five books that have provided me with a useful insight into some interesting coaching perspectives.

Sacred Hoops – Phil Jackson

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