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Four ways coaches can help more women get active

As a coach you may have been inspired by the #ThisGirlCan celebration of active women. Sports Coach UK wants to support the campaign by providing coaches with practical ideas to help women overcome the fear of judgement, which stops them from joining in.

Here are four essential ways coaches can get more women active.

Keeping the Motivation Going

So it’s a few weeks into the fresh sparkly new year. Did you set a New Year’s resolution? Or know someone who did? Maybe you even coach people who have resolutions to make a behaviour change? It could be a behaviour change at home (ie. to watch less tv), a new improvement at work (ie. saying ‘no’ more often)  or a new sporting challenge (ie. to feel healthier and stronger / make new friends).

One idea from Sweden – DiskussionKorts

Learning from a recent study trip to Sweden has been immense. (see other blogs from fellow learners experiences and learning) It could have been easy when I got back to the UK and the reality of the day job that much of this learning is lost to the ‘folder of good ideas’ that never seem to make it to the top of my to do list. It could also be easy to put all of Sweden’s success at engaging and retaining participants into sport under the heading of cultural difference.

Coaching Top Tips for Young People by Young People

UK Coaching's Liz Burkinshaw attended the 'Cooperative StreetGames Young Volunteers' (CSYV) conference in Walsall. The CSYV conference was for young people aged 16-25 who are volunteering at doorstep sport projects in some of the UK’s most disadvantaged communities. The theme of the conference was “Living the Legacy” with the aim of inspiring a generation of young volunteers post London 2012.

Are you a Coaching Superhero?

Who was your first role model as a coach? Were they a superhero in your eyes? Did you aspire to be like them or to have any of their inspiring superhero qualities?


I believe we all need role models no matter how old we are. It is good for us to have people who make us want to be better as coaches. As a coach it is important to remember that we are someone else’s role model and potential superhero to every person we coach.


The Fun Theory

How do you as a coach incorporate fun into your sessions for recreational players? What is your fun theory? Does play and fun feature in your coaching philosophy?

Play can be a great engagement and motivational factor for getting people to be more active. My coaching philosophy includes the right to play more often. It is underpinned by the entitlement to have fun. I’m always playing. At work. At home. On holiday. In the office (I suspect to the annoyance of several colleagues) On the train (ditto for annoyed fellow passengers) I think you get the idea.

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