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Fantasy Football Coach – a new coaching offer?

Sanchez or Hazard? Zlatan or Aguero? Or both? Apparently building your team around ‘Zaguero’ is already a “thing”.

Yes, it’s that time again, fantasy football is back, so it’s time to choose, re-choose, change your mind, search the net, ask your friends, submit your team….then start all over again. And if you’re like me, play your wildcard and change your entire team in week 1 when your first draft flops.

OK, so maybe I do spend too much time on it, but with over 3.5 million players I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Coaching the dads as well as the kids

Before writing this month’s new Research Summary I wasn’t that aware of the ‘fathering through sport’ concept.

It’s the idea that some fathers use their children’s sporting experiences as a mechanism for fulfilling their fathering duties. So, a father might use some basic coaching techniques in the garden as a way of teaching their child important values like aggressiveness and hard work.

What might Brexit mean for English football and coaching?

The Guardian published a study last year which analysed the implications for the Premier League if Britain left the EU. Given Brexit is the hot topic of debate it seems timely to revisit it now and consider some potential implications for English football and coaching.

It is worth stating up front that this blog is a collection of ideas based on our own work and things we have picked up in the media. It aims to consider some potential implications – both positive and negative – that may or may not happen in future.

Big Brother is watching you, and he wants you to participate

“You can all do it if you want to.”

The words of the exercise leader giving instructions to the Party Members in George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984.

She appeared on the Members’ telescreens every morning, leading an exercise routine which everyone had to follow to the letter, they were being watched after all.

Within this specific fictional group 100% participation was achieved.

Coaching for home bankers and tricky away games

Statistically, at the time of writing this blog, 40% of the Premier League matches completed so far this season, 41% of Championship matches and 44% of League One matches have been home wins, compared to 32%, 26% and 33% of away wins respectively.

Speak to anyone with a passing interest in football and they’ll give you an opinion on why teams win more matches at home.

Some good sport news and a blog within a blog

On my way home tonight – only a one hour journey – I heard three sport stories on the radio. All three related to different sports and all three were extremely negative. Corruption, cheating, fraud, you name it. They all painted what we love in a very bad light.

And that was just the news section. When it got to the sport stories I turned it off after hearing about another high-profile coach losing his job. To be honest I was fed up and didn’t want to think about sport again at least for a few hours.

Could major controversy be the best thing to happen to women’s golf in years?

Last week’s Solheim Cup saw an epic comeback from the USA to snatch the title from under the noses of Team Europe.

But after the dust had settled, no-one was talking about the score, or the key players, or the moments that swung the tie in America’s favour.

All anyone talked about was what happened on the 17thhole during Sunday’s final fourball match. Alison Lee sent a putt just past the hole, before picking it up, expecting it to be conceded in what you might call the ‘spirit of the game.’

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