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Guest blog: Clicking for success: gameplay as coach learning

Ben Oakley from The Open University outlines the background behind their new interactive game ‘Medal Quest’ which asks the game players ‘Can you guide a budding athlete from childhood potential to championship success?’

It was a compelling challenge; how do you design an online game that compresses knowledge of developing young athletes aged from 10 to 20 into an engaging, educationally sound experience for coaches, parents and athletes.

I can go higher

I’m going behind the scenes again to chat to Kelly Montgomery who is the East London programme manager for Greenhouse Sports and directly manages a team of 12 coaches.

I’ve known Kelly for many years, she and I were Sports Development Officers in neighbouring boroughs in London for a period of time so have a shared experience of what it is like working in London.

We all agree that gender equality is a good thing, but…..

If there is a ‘compelling business case’ for gender equality, why do we still have such distinct under representation of women in coaching? To mark International Women’s Day, 2016, I thought I would have a look at the arguments and try and provide some solutions which could help the aims of the Brighton Declaration, signed over 21 years ago, be realised a little quicker.

The current system works on a day to day basis

Right, it's time to start making some changes around here

Just over 20 years ago a group of incredibly groundbreaking women set about creating the Brighton Declaration. This set of principles includes the call to “increase the involvement of women in sport at all levels and in all functions and roles.” Currently women make up just 30% of the current coaching workforce and only 17% of all qualified coaches – harsh statistics considering women make up over half of the UK population.

Are you an inside out coach?

Are you an “Inside Out” coach? How the Disney Pixar movie can influence your coaching and awareness of your players through change

I have a confession – I love a great cartoon. From the Lego Movie, and old classics like the Lion King, to my all-time favourites the Toy Story trilogy, I love the creativity and thought that goes into bringing these movies to life, through picture and colour, the characters and the environments through storytelling and song.

CSP Coaching Conference: Day 1 Round-up

With a theme running through this year's conference of "Making coaching everyone's business" it was great to arrive on day one to find so many County Sports Partnerships represented. With various new sports strategies being worked on from Government and down through Sport England and sports coach UK there is obviously an appetite to make coaching business critical and to ensure the sector is ahead of the curve.


Nicola White, Development Lead Officer, blogs:

Young people want unmissable experiences when they take part in sport. For more young people to take part in sport regularly, they need coaches to understand and engage them. Check out this short animation that includes some suggestions and ideas based on the Youth Insights from Sport England to inspire you to make your sessions unmissable for young people.

Young people are seeking experiences that

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