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Reach – a year on!

It’s been a really exciting and busy year for the Reach team and, as we turn one next week, we thought it appropriate to reflect on the past year. I just wanted to share a few findings with you:

There are some amazing women coaches out there

We have uploaded around 33 coaching stories to our website from some great women coaches wanting to share their coaching journey with all our readers and partners. We receive emails daily from women wanting to support the campaign and find out how they can get involved.

Guest Blog: Do Athletes Get The Support They Need To Excel?

As a parent or coach, you are highly invested in supporting your child or athlete to excel in their sport. The first thing to recognize is that this support has to start long before they are recognized for their talents. In fact, this support should start during youth sports teams and competitions.

Without the right support system, even the most promising athletes can fail to rise to their full potential; and without it, even those who get to the top of their field can quickly fall from grace.

Super Human!

Watching the Paralympics on Channel 4 you can’t help but see the term Super Human, it’s even on the posters around town.  Whatever your personal view on the term you cannot help but be in awe of the achievements that the individual athletes have achieved, the adversity and challenges they have overcome before even starting to compete.

A sporting legacy

The following ‘blog’ started out as a letter to my local newspaper. I wrote the letter because I couldn’t make the funeral of a local coach, however, after speaking with a colleague I was encouraged to turn this into a blog with the hope it would relate to other people and show how grass roots coaches do have a wide reaching effect and how they can and do make a difference, even when they don’t realise it.

Guest Blog: The PSYCHOLOGICAL factors to consider during the first days back at training?

As a coach you not only have to be skilled in the technical and physical aspects but also psychological. In the early stages of training and throughout, it is vital to be positive, filling your team with only positive thoughts will prepare them mentally for a tough session but attack the session as a challenge to themselves. Help your team block out the feeling of pain and discomfort and substitute the thought process into rewards and benefits of the session by reinforcing positivity. Replace nervousness and anxiety with nervous energy and certainty.

Guest Blog: The PHYSICAL factors to consider during the first days back at training?

After a long layoff from training and/or competition, the body and mind have had time to recover from the stress and pressures that work in conjunction with competing and training at high intensity.

Slight overuse or impact injuries have disappeared and the body has adjusted to a new routine of relaxation, in young sportsmen and women, the rest may have allowed their bodies to grow at an escalated rate.

Guest Blog: First ME TIME Leaders lady completes Lifeguard Qualification in Luton

We are so proud of Nazia Qamar who is the first of the 16 ladies on our Me Time Leaders/Active Luton programme to pass her National Pool Lifeguard Qualification including Automated External Defibrillator (AED) and Emergency First Aid.

Nazia is currently studying Outdoor Education at Chichester University and is keen to start using the qualification whilst at University and at home during the holiday periods to support the CYCD youth group and their swimming sessions at Denbigh High School in Luton.

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