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Charlotte PeaseJust 23 years old, Charlotte Pease has already been coaching on and off since the age of 14. Charlotte became engaged in sport from a young age because of an inspiring PE teacher. ‘When I was in year eight or nine at school, she got me involved in sports leadership, which I loved. I soon became a Young Ambassador for Amber Valley through the Youth Sport Trust.’

While at school, Charlotte’s passion for sport grew, and she began coaching the school netball club in year 11. Being a Young Ambassador for Amber Valley led to helping deliver mini Olympic festivals alongside her teacher, assisting in Amber Valley by going into schools and speaking at conferences such as the Championing the East Midlands 2012 Legacy Conference. As a result of these achievements, Charlotte was awarded the Young Sport Leader of the Year award in Amber Valley.

Aged 17, Charlotte decided she wanted to continue to develop as a coach and completed her Level 1 coaching badge through a Coaching Derbyshire bursary. Upon the completion of her undergraduate degree, Charlotte joined a local netball club and began coaching for them. In just a year, she became the head coach of the team.

Charlotte speaks emphatically about volunteering at The London 2012 Olympic Games and the impact that this had on her. ‘It just really inspired me, and I just wanted to be involved. I drove golf buggies around the Olympic Park as a member of the Games Mobility Team, which was an amazing experience, and what a way to give back!’

Currently in the midst of her teacher training at Loughborough University, Charlotte said, ‘Physical activity is something that I love to participate in and something that I hope to engage and inspire people to take up too. My PE teacher was a massive part of me becoming a coach and deciding to train to teach.’

Although a massively inspiring individual on her own, Charlotte speaks about her best friend as a coaching inspiration. ‘As cringe as it is, my best friend is also a Level 2 coach, and she is an amazing coach. I always think I need to try and be the same as her or try and do better really as I am kind of competitive.’

Charlotte is a big advocate of coaching and thinks that everyone should do it and is capable with the right mentor. ‘You aren’t paid well, but you make the difference.’ When pushed to define her coaching philosophy, Charlotte says, ‘I think sense of humour is massive. As long as you enjoy it, do it. Find something that you enjoy and that you are passionate about because if you’re not passionate about it, you’re not going to enthuse and inspire those people that you are coaching, which I think is fundamental.’

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