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Fact: 30% of clubs can’t find enough coaches to fulfil demand. More female coaches means more coaches full stop

As the UK’s lead agency for coaching we're working hard to tackle the gender imbalance in coaching. Currently there are more men coaching than women and we think that everyone doing sport should have the choice as to who coaches or leads their activity.

Four easy steps to get started on your coaching pathway

1. Coaching workshop

Now sure where to start? Dip your toe into the water with our First Steps into Coaching workshop, a two hour session for complete beginners. Workshops are run by County Sports Partnerships (CSP – a partnership of local and regional sports organisations).

Are you:

  • A mum wanting to help out at your child’s club?
  • Looking to get healthy and fit?
  • Interested in inspiring other people?

A First Steps into Coaching workshop will give you all the help, advice and local contacts you need to get involved straight away.

You'll be given an invaluable 32 page handbook that answers all your burning questions from what does a coach do, to do I need a DBS (formerly CRB) check?

Find your local county sports partnership for more information on a First Steps into Coaching workshop near you.

2. Dip into our Resource Bank for videos and tips on becoming a coach

sports coach UK has developed some great, practical information to give women the confidence to get involved: where to coach; questions to ask before getting involved; skills and qualities needed to be a good coach; what would be expected of you when you first start out.

Here is just a sample of the useful resources:

Browse the Resource Bank for more...

3. Speak to someone at your local club or group to ask how you can get involved

The best starting place for trying out coaching is to assist a coach. Most coaches will be grateful for any help you can give. So why not try it out? What do you have to lose? If you don’t know where to find your nearest club:

4. Find information on coaching courses and qualifications

To coach independently, most sports will require you to have a minimum standard of training and their governing bodies of sport run their own coaching qualifications. For example, the Football Association (FA) is the governing body for football, the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) for tennis and so on. Visit the relevant governing body website for more detail.

University sports coaching courses can be found by searching the UCAS website.

Visit the Coaching Qualifications and Training section


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