Silver Membership

Protection, Support, Knowledge

Includes multiple sports membership and insurance


Now includes cover for 200+ sports or activities, including these previously not included: rugby union; taekwondo; scuba diving; climbing (indoor); fitness classes; circuit training; yoga; Zumba; spinning classes; street dance; movement and dance; and much more!

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"UK Coaching has not only given me peace of mind by being well insured, but also allows me to easily keep up to date with new ideas and methods of coaching. Thank you for providing regular information."

Pat Cropper MBE, Level 4 athletics coach

£74.99 per year

Silver Membership offers qualified sports coaches, instructors and officials1 all the benefits of website registration and Bronze Membership, plus:

Protection with specialist insurance1, legal advice and personal support

Relax and get on with your coaching safe in the knowledge that you are covered by an insurance package offering the minimum recommended levels of cover, as detailed in UK Coaching's ‘Minimum Standards for Active Coaches’, including:

  • public liability – £5m indemnity
  • professional indemnity – £5m indemnity
  • 24-hour legal advice line
  • 24-hour counselling services
  • Personal and commercial tax advice.

What’s more, if you are a qualified multi-skills coach and/or coach mentor, you can also become insured2. Plus, if you coach, instruct or officiate in more than one sport/activity, UK Coaching's Silver Membership enables you to become insured for more than one sport/activity!4

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  • Code of Practice for Sports Coaches– helping you to be your most professional

Get your own copy of this invaluable tool that provides you with an ethical framework in which you should operate as a responsible, informed and enlightened practitioner.

  • Membership card and certificate

Display your commitment to your coaching with this UK Coaching membership card and certificate.

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Alternatively, if you would like to be sent an application form by post, please call 0113-290-7612.

If you currently hold insurance elsewhere but would like to obtain membership of sports coach UK when your insurance expires, please complete this form.

1To be eligible for insurance cover (for one or multiple sports/activities), you should hold a current qualification from a recognised governing body of sport, a current qualification issued by a recognised awarding organisation or an S/NVQ in coaching. Instructors should hold a current qualification issued by a recognised awarding organisation. Officials should hold a current officiating qualification issued by a recognised governing body of sport, as long as you hold a coaching qualification as defined above. View a complete list of the 200+ sports and activities covered by Silver Membership.

2Subject to full policy terms and conditions.

3Limited to a combined maximum of £1200 between ii – 50% – and iii – 75%.

4Multi-skills coaches must hold a multi-skills qualification from a recognised awarding organisation (eg 1st4sport Level 2 Award in Multi-skills Development in Sport [QCF]). Coach mentors must hold a mentoring qualification from a recognised awarding organisation (eg 1st4sport Level 3 Award in Workforce Mentoring [QCF]) and will only be covered to mentor coaches of sports they hold a coaching qualification in.

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