Coaching Women & Girls

When it comes to coaching female sport, there are myths based on stereotypes and things our colleagues have told us over the years. After all, every athlete and player we work with is an individual with their own traits and idiosyncrasies. Should we, as coaches, make assumptions based on the gender of the athlete we are working with?

Traditionally women are under represented in sport and sports coaching. It has long since been recognised that coaching women and girls is different to coaching their male counterparts. sports coach UK works with Women in Sport on an ongoing basis to ensure we provide coaches with the most up to date and relevant guidance and research about women in sport.

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Women in Sport Report and Toolkit to Increase Engagement for Girls in Sport

Over half of secondary girls say that “girls are put off sport and physical activity because of their experiences of school sport and PE” and that schools hold the key to closing gender gap in physical exercise. Women in Sport has produced a report, in association with YST, and developed a toolkit to help engage more girls in PE.

Changing the Game, For Girls