Coaching disabled people

Disabled people account for around 20% of the population. It is likely that at some point you will coach a disabled person, whether they choose to make you aware of this fact or not. Alternatively you may wish to, or already be, coaching disabled people in a disability sport. Whatever your approach to coaching is you will need an understanding of how to differentiate your coaching to ensure people of all abilities are reaching their true potential and achieving their personal goals.

This section will provide you with guidance and appropriate links to other information and services to support the development of your knowledge around coaching disabled people.

UK Home Nations Disability Sport Organisations and UK Coaching form a working group which centralises thoughts and working practices to develop more positive experiences for disabled people in sport and physical activity; including in participation, competition and coaching. The Learning and Disability Sport Group (LADS) has combined their knowledge and experience to create a guidance document that contains key messages for all sport and physical activity partners. Please use this document to understand your current offering for disabled people, and reflect on whether you could widen your approach to inclusion and welcome more disabled people into coaching.

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