FUNdamentals of Movement Resources

UK Coaching (formerly Sports Coach UK) believes in nurturing physical confidence from a young age. A proven way to do this is through developing fundamental movement skills.

Here, you can find support to help you coach fundamental movement skills.   

Fundamentals of Movement Workshop - NEW

How to Coach the Fundamentals of Movement’ - Revolutionary research has inspired a new practically based UK Coaching workshop which will transform the way fundamental movement skills (FMS) are coached. The workshop is ideal for all coaches who work with children, or coaches who work with young people or adults that require fundamental movement skills support. It is also excellent CPD for Primary School Teachers.


Coaches: Attend this workshop, and it will provide you with a thorough grounding in fundamental movement skills, equipping you with the knowledge and confidence to incorporate key elements into every one of your sessions – irrespective of the age group you coach.

To find a ‘How to Coach the Fundamentals of Movement’ workshop running near you, visit the UK Coaching Workshop Finder


Youth Physical Development Model Explained

UK Coaching (formerly Sports Coach UK) and Sport Scotland have developed an animation detailing the 'Youth Physical Development Model' and what this means for the development of 'Fundamental Movement Skills'.

This model was developed by Dr Rhodri Lloyd and Dr Jon Oliver of Cardiff Metropolitan University, recognised as two world leading experts in the field. This 'Youth Physical Development Model' is based on evidence that shows that youth participants of both genders are responsive to training throughout childhood and adolescence. Coaches really can make a difference at all stages of development.

In this video we will bring to life the 'Youth Physical Development Model' by defining each term used in the model and explaining the differences between the male and female versions.

Please note: Organisations can find out more about the Coaching Children (5-12): The Next Generation workshop mentioned at the end of this video here. Coaches you can find a workshop running near you by visiting the UK Coaching Workshop Finder

ABCs of Movement (Outtakes)

If our ABCs of Movement video above made you smile. Now you can laugh at the outtakes.


This blog may sacrifice short-term performance success

Blog by David Turner UK Coaching's Development Lead Officer for coaching children and schools.

Revolutionary Research inspires new approach to coaching 'Fundamentals of Movement'

New research has inspired a radical rethink into how to coach fundamental movement skills (FMS) to children. The evolved model promotes coaching FMS throughout a lifetime of sport and challenges opinion that strength training should be held back until children reach adolescence.

Fundamental flaw: Is the coaching sector failing to provide athletes with basic conditioning training?

Our young generation of sports performers are badly lacking in fundamental movement skills, which can have major ramifications when it comes to their chances of realising their potential. ConnectedCoaches member Jason Lear examines the full scale of the problem.

The importance of Multi-skills coaching for budding sports enthusiasts

You can’t run before you can walk, so the saying goes, and it is a motto that will strike a chord with Multi-skills coaches, who believe many children today are lacking the fundamental movement skills that are the prerequisite for a successful career in sport. ConnectedCoaches members Gary Fowler and Andrew Grant discuss.

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