Coaching in the UK

“UKCC is ahead of its time”

Wed, 26 Mar 2014

The recent European Qualifications Framework Conference confirmed that the work done by more than 30 sports in the UK in developing and implementing the UKCC has been ahead of its time. Specifically, a range of European organisations now want to adopt the style of learning programmes which include opportunities for learners to practise coaching in an appropriately supported environment. This of course is already embodied in the 160 coach education programmes which are endorsed by the UKCC.

Three potential modes of learning have been identified as those which learners will experience. From a sports coaching perspective these are:

  • Formal learning - involving courses with standardised curricula and certification.  These tend to be the traditional sports coach education courses and qualifications.
  • Non-formal learning – which might include coaching conferences, seminars and workshops.  Essentially these are experiences which are designed with learning in mind but tend to be less structured to a specific curriculum.
  • Informal learning - including practical coaching experience, experience as an athlete and working with peers.   These tend not to be learning experiences unless the coach chooses to make them so.

The UKCC developments have championed the concept of informal learning leading to formal qualifications, and will aim to build on this as the criteria and development framework are reviewed in the coming year. Meanwhile, if you are interested in learning more about the current approaches being taken, the presentations from the Conference are available here.

In addition, the new Erasmus+ programme will provide €14.7bn of funding for education, training, youth and sport activities over the period 2014-2020.

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